A New Approach to Adventure Tourism for British Columbia

The Adventure Tourism Coalition (ATC) aims to encourage, enable, and manage the sustainable growth of adventure tourism in BC by improving collaboration and alignment across the adventure tourism industry, governmental organizations, and recreational users.


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From the majestic forests of the coast, to the grasslands and towering mountains of the Interior, these traditional and unceded territories of the First Peoples of British Columbia are sure to amaze you. The Adventure Tourism Coalition encourages #ResponsibleRecreation for all backcountry visitors.

What We Do

The ATC aims to encourage collaboration amongst key players in the adventure tourism industry, influence regulatory decision making for sustainable development, and increase the awareness of the social, economic, and environmental importance of adventure tourism in British Columbia.

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Resources and Information

Learn more about the mission, objectives, and challenges of the ATC with key resources and information. This information is relevant to all residents and visitors accessing recreational opportunities in BC, adventure tourism stakeholders, and governmental organizations. 

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For you, and generations of adventurers to follow, we need your help. Becoming a member of the ATC is the perfect way for individuals & companies to support our goals and objectives. Your voice will help us succeed in preserving and ensuring responsible access to BC’s special places.

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